Photography: Samantha Webb

Who are Charlie Hodges and Georgie Hopwood? Introduce yourselves.
We are two 22 year old girls who run the label Saccharine Shrine from our studio. We design, make and run pretty much all aspects of the brand ourselves.

How did you get started in fashion?
We both met when we were 17 in college studying fashion, after we finished our course Charlie went to Uni to study fashion but later dropped out. We then founded Saccharine Shrine the very next day. We started from Charlie’s front room and have grown into having our own studio where we now are based.


How would you describe your designs?
We try to make each design a piece that you cannot get anywhere else. We love the idea that our customers have garments that are completely unique to them. We also try to keep the price points low so our customers don’t have to be super wealthy to be able to buy a statement jacket or occasion dress. Our designs tend to be very textural and colourful, we love to play with pastels but have recently branched out into bolder colours and patterns.

What kinds of things inspire you?
We are inspired by lots of things be it, old photos, films, dreams, travelling, even our dogs!

Who are your favorite designers?
Ryan Lo, Ashley Williams and the knitwear designer Helen Lawrence.


How do you dress in your day to day?
Charlie: I love to dress in clothes that make myself happy, which is usually a fluffy coat and a charity shop jumper, 90% of my clothing is from charity shops and they can be a great source of inspiration in themselves.
Georgie: Day to day I dress mainly for comfort but also clothes I feel confident in, I like to mix vintage pieces with casual basics, paired with either chunky boots or trainers; getting inspo and picking up items on my travels.

What do you like the most about fashion world?
The sense of community and the realisation that others love the clothing and designs you create. We absolutely adore when we see photos of our customers out in our pieces and the happiness they get from wearing them.


And the least?
We feel sometimes there is a stigma from not having a traditional degree, I wish there was more information for students that there are alternative routes which don’t involve getting a degree.

Where would you want to be in the near future?
We have been lucky enough that each year our brand seems to be getting bigger and bigger so hopefully we would like to expand and one day have a store of our own!

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