Photographer: Francesca Allen
Model: Claire Margueritte

Who is Georgia Campbell?
I’m the person behind Miss Crofton lingerie, a small brand based in East London. I run pretty much most aspects of the business with the help of some lovely freelancers.

How did you get started in fashion?
I started Miss Crofton with a friend about 8 years ago now. We started making panties from our shared room and doing London markets stalls. It started as a bit of a hobby but then gradually grew into what it is today.

How would you describe your designs?
Girly but sexy.

cloud set front

What kinds of things inspire you?
This is really hard to say as inspiration is everywhere and often happens without you noticing.

Who are your favorite designers?
Really in love with Samantha Pleets designs and always, Simon Rocha <3

How do you dress in your day to day?
Very casual. Jeans, trainers and plain tees.

mia set new front

What do you like the most about fashion world?
All the amazing creatives I get to work with. I have been doing some really exciting collaborations with people form around the world. It gives me such a buzz to put our forces together to create something new.

And the least?
That it moves so fast it feels like you are tripping over yourself sometimes.

Where would you want to be in the near future?
I feel so lucky to be where I am today so hopefully just more of the same 🙂

You can follow Miss Crofton at  instagram.

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