‘WHATEVER’, an exhibition featuring the work of kawaii-influenced artists

LaPeraLimonera, Meri, Mia Alvarez. Michopocho, Niña, Numi, Oh Caroool and Wwwonderhelen have come together in WHATEVER, a group exhibition on show at THE GALLERY by Error. Influenced by the kawaii’s wildest side, they usually make provocative illustrations, tattoos and graffiti. WHATEVER shows their mood boards to immerse visitors into their unique universe. Meet the artists!

TECHNIQUE: Mainly felt-tip pens on paper or acrylic on wood.
Her work is considered children’s illustration, but she doesn’t make art only for the youngest –her work features adult elements that contrast with her lines and colours. Her female characters embrace their gigantic hairy friends with naïveté and passion. Elena, LaPeraLimonera, uses any technique and support; she puts stickers and paste’ups on the streets or makes watercolours, acrylics and felt-tip drawings in her studio. She has participated in exhibitions in Bristol, Paris, Madrid, Barcelona, Zaragoza and Mexico City, among others.

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MERI (Málaga)
TECHNIQUE: Digital illustration, felt-tip illustrations, cross-stitching, tattoo stencils.
As an illustrator, she has been featured on books such as I♥Kawaii and Pink Attitude. She made a solo exhibition in No Color (San Sebastián) and Apetit Gallery (Bilbao), and participated in many group exhibits, including Puni Puni, We♥Sneakers, La tabla como lienzo… She’s officially a graphic designer –she ran an event design and decoration for years. Two years ago she decided to devote herself entirely to making tattoos, the great love of her live.

whatever_meri_cerebro whatever_meri_koala whatever_meri_kewpie

MIA ALVAREZ (Barcelona)
TECHNIQUE: Digital Art.
She’s been drawing all her life. When she was old enough to attend her first Salón del Comic, she decided she would go every year. She made lots of friends and contacts there for whom she would later do her most professional illustration and design works. After working as a freelancer for seven years for illustration, videogame and toy design companies, she went solo and founded her own studio @hola.casaestudio.

captura-de-pantalla-2016-08-05-a-las-19-05-11 captura-de-pantalla-2016-02-18-a-las-15-31-15 captura-de-pantalla-2016-11-07-a-las-13-36-23

Michopocho a depressive, friendless, misunderstood fat cat that finds it hard to make decisions and relating to others. Sometimes it feels frustrated and angry with the world. However, it will have to confront it with everything it entails. Someday it will be a brave cat, but until that moment comes, it just needs to be accepted as it is. That and being cuddled a little bit.

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NIÑA (Barcelona)
TECHNIQUE: Grafiti, Watercolour, mixed technique
As an art fan, she started illustrating and doing graffiti a few years ago. Since then, it has customized and designed clothes for Blythe as a hobby and other handmade stuff. She’s currently working on tattoos.

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NUMI (Barcelona)
TECHNIQUE: Illustration, Tattoo, graffiti.
Numi is an illustrator, grafitti and tattoo artist in LTW Barcelona. She has a marked kawaii style, an influence of her passion for cartoons and the four years she lived in Seoul (South Korea). She has shown her work around Europe and has worked for some renowned streetwear brands.

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OH CAROOOL (Barcelona)
TECHNIQUE: Illustration.
Ever since she can remember, she’s been doing illustration and handicrafts. She’s now self-editing her work and doing illustrations at a more personal and professional level. She has a space to work and share her work 

gas captura-de-pantalla-2016-11-07-a-las-15-53-08 gafitas

TECNIQUE: Graffiti, illustration with alcohol-based markers
She started painting at the age of 14. Something happened in her life that made her turn to drawing. The influence of graffiti is clear in her work. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be hers.

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The exhibition runs until December 3. Don’t miss it!