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Who are MOURN? How did you meet? How did you decide to start a band?

MOURN are Antonio Postius, Leia Rodríguez, Jazz Rodríguez and Carla Pérez. We (Jazz and Carla) met when we were first-year students in art school. It was great to start playing and composing together in class, on the playground, at each other’s home. When we had more than 13 songs, we decided to ask if Antonio and Leia wanted to play with us and started rehearsing like crazy.

You are super young, since when have you been playing?

Antonio has played the drums since he was nine years old; Carla began playing the guitar at age 12, Leia and Jazz started playing bass and drums at the same time (one at 11 and the other at 14).

What bands do you like and listen to?
We listen to a lot of music from the 90s and we also like many punk groups of the 70s. But we also listen to different sounds and current bands.

How do you write the songs? Who writes the lyrics and composes the tunes?
Jazz and Carla get together to play and improvise until they like a tune and dissonant guitars. Then, at rehearsals, among the four we look for that something special. Antonio and Leia give it their magic touch and we all end up liking at.

How would you define your style?

Sincere, fresh, fast, strong. Screams.

What was the recording of your album like?
It was very quick. In just two days we recorded eight songs and mix them with our producer (drummer of Madee) Lluis Cots. It was great, we recorded all packed in the tank and then recorded the vocals. The fact that we recorded live in the studio makes it sound the same as when we play live and even more honest.


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Who would you like to open for?
We’d like to open for many bands, but in particular, now that they have come back with a new album (brilliant!), we’d be like to open for Sleater-Kinney!

Which is your favourite song and why?
I don’t think we can pick a favourite song. Or a favourite band. Maybe we could say we love this album. Whenever we make comment on the albums we like it’s followed by “it’s very special to me.” Each of us has his favourite album, song, or group but that only lasts a while. You listen to new sounds, groups, albums that change you and you enjoy much more than the last one.

You have been in publications like Pitchfork or Paper Mag; you are in Capture Tracks with Marc de Marco, Blouse, DIIV, Medicine… Wow! What was the day they called you like? How do you cope with all this acknowledgment?

Mike Sniper (Captured Tracks) sent an email directly to us saying that he wanted us to sign with them and it was amazing. We couldn’t believe anything he was telling us. He told us he hadn’t been that excited since 2009 with Perfect Pussy. That filled us with motivation. The same as with large, important magazines. From the smallest magazine to Pitchfork, it’s always a burst of energy and motivation.


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What do you like the most of being in a band?
Living moments and experiences together, like flying, waiting, and of course being on stage.

Of all the concerts you’ve done lately, what has been your favorite and why?
The gig organised by Subbacultcha! in Amsterdam with BLUE CRIME. The concert was in an amazing venue and there was no stage. We felt so close to people, and they were all singing along to “Otitis”. We got such good vibes from the audience during the concert and afterwards. It was so cool.

What are your plans for this summer?
Travelling and keeping on playing in many places. We will play at home in Primavera Sound festival and in Vida Festival and many more surprises!

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Text: Iria Domínguez

Pics: Rafa Suñén

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