❤ WeMEET… Eva Ennals ❤

Full name: Eva May Ennals

Birth date: 21/9/1996

Living at: Bristol, UK




What do you do?

I am currently in my last year of school/sixth form studying art, english and music tech.

Dream Job: Artist/illustrator or musician, or both!

Hobbies: The usual singing in the shower, but I also love to listen to and write music, lots of doodling, shopping, and walking in parks and places where you can actually see the colour green (I live in a city)

When did you start drawing?

Pretty much the day I learnt what a Crayola was

Tools used: Mainly pencils, fine liners and felt tip pens, but some times I like to delve deeper into the world of paints and watercolours.





Favorite Color: Mostly red

The Album… A mixture of ‘Tidal’ by Fiona Apple and ‘Debut’ by Björk

The movie…‘The Graduate’

The Artist…Henri Matisse has always been a favourite, but I’m currently loving work by Laura Callaghan, Carla McRae and Clay Hickson




I WANT to be… Margot Tenenbaum

I WANT to work with… Anything and everything

I WANT to draw over… Time and space

I WANT to live in… Anywhere with a beach!

I WANT to die in… Anywhere with a beach!