Wasted Rita




Job: Visual artist, creative writer, life explorer, 24/7 sarcasm deliverer, hopeless romantic, natural born antagonist, super emotive down-to-earth dreamer. Putting all this shit together and making money out of it – that’s my job.


Born in: Trindade, Porto


Living at: Anywhere but Porto. Always moving around. Lisbon when in Portugal.


The greatest inspiration: All it takes to be inspired is being alive. So: cliché answer life in general, human beings in particular.



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Techniques more used: Left hand holding black marker on cheap paper.


Your best work: Let me just check my archive of more than 300 pieces of conflicting emotions and contradictory desires and I’ll get to back to you in a year.


To express yourself, words or drawings? Whatever I want to do in the moment. #girlboss


Hell? Routine. Apathy. Lack of change.



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Heaven? Right here, right now. Learning how to appreciate life, in the present, with all its negative parts and still holding to that will to get better things, that is the stairway to heaven; when you are able to control this discipline, knowing you are the way you respond to life’s ups and downs, letting it change you and embracing growth as the only achievable miracle in life, then you are in heaven on earth. Enjoy


As a child you dreamed with…? Curing injured dogs and being an inspiring person to other human beings.


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An illustrator? All illustrators are bastards.


One drink? Water.


One Celebrity? I’d love to walk around NYC, eat donuts and pizza the entire day with Mindy Kaling








By Rocío Madrid