Tea&Cake: Sebastián Delgado

Today we have a new Tea&Cake with graphic designer Sebastián Delgado.
See you this afternoon at Kling Downtown (calle Ballesta 6, Madrid)!


Full name: Sebastián Delgado.
Star Sign: Sagittarius.
Where are you from? Seville.
Where do you live? Madrid.
Where would you like to live? Barcelona.


Where do you work? Tiger and also as a graphic designer.
What is your dream job? Graphic artist
Who would you like to work for? Miuccia Prada.
When did you start drawing? When I was a kid. I’ve been making collages since I was 4.


What is your creative process like? I have an idea and then I look for images I can use. I just let myself go and sometimes the outcome is different from what I had in mind in the first place.
What techniques do you use? Digital collage.
Who’s your favourite artist? David Hockney.


How would you define your work? Eclectic, magical and different.
Your best professional moment? Now!
What will we see at Tea&Cake this month? You’ll see my first exhibition at last! I’ll show some allegories of characters I made up. Enjoy!

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