Tea&Cake: José Manuel Hortelano-Pi

Today we inaugurate a new monthly Tea&Cake. This time around the guest artist is José Manuel Hortelano-Pi. And this will run longer than usual: two months!

See you at Kling Downton (calle Ballesta 6, Madrid)!

Full name: José Manuel Hortelano-Pi.
Star sing: Virgo.
Where are you from?: Cieza (Murcia).
Where do you live?: Madrid.


Where would you like to live?: Costa Rica.
Where do you work?: Ilustrator and painter.
What’s your dream job?: I have the job I’ve always dreamed of.
I’d like to work with: I’d like to make a cover of a record to someone like Sean Nicholas Savage, a poster for a film by Carlos Vermut, an advertising campaign for muro.exe, make a portrait of Jorge de Cascante for a book or expose In Gallery Alegria.


When did you start drawing?: From 25 years or so (12 years ago) I dedicate myself professionally to drawing.
What is your creative process like?: Almost everything I do is from photos I find on tumblr or that I do with a concrete idea.
What techniques do you use?: Watercolor, oil, ink, pencil.
Who’s your favourite artist?: Right now, Michaël Borremans.


How would you define your work?: I have always been very bad to sell my art, I prefer to be defined by those who see my work.
What is your best professional moment?: I do not know how to tell you, but recently 10 years since the release of Hurra and Aleluyah de Mano de Santo, and having a drawing on a CD edited by Austrohúngaro is one of my greatest achievements.
What will we see at Tea&Cake?: A collection of oils I painted last summer and some more drawing of girls that I have never exposed before.


You can follow José Manuel Hortelano-Pi’s works at his website zapbookseries.es