Tea&Cake: Iria Alcojor

Today July 5th we inaugurate a new monthly Tea&Cake event at Kling Downtown (calle Ballesta 6, Madrid). This time around the guest artist is Iria Alcojor. And due to summer, it will run longer than usual: two months!

See you at Kling Downton!


Full name: Iria Alcojor.
Star sing: Taurus.
Where are you from? Madrid.
Where do you live? In Madrid.
Where would you like to live? In Brooklyn.
Where do you work? At Tattoo Magic on calle Colón.
What’s your dream job? To continue working as I’ve been doing so far but travelling more and doing bigger things. I want to make tattoos and develop my personal work—illustrations, comic, etc. In my dreams I have tons of time to do everything.


Who would you like to tattoo? I have no predilections; everyone is welcome to be tattooed.
When did you start making tattoos? I started a couple of years ago. I’ve been drawing since as far as I can remember.
What is your creative process like? I gather ideas during the day or, suddenly, when I’m about to fall asleep and I get up to write them down. I watch films, documentaries, I listen to different music styles… I’m like a sponge—I absorb information and then I do my drawings. The process is a bit different if I’m working on a comic, a large illustration, an animated gif or on tattoo flashes. With comics and gifs I can infuse some life to my drawings; with large illustrations I become proud of my patience, and with flashes I can develop many fast and disparate ideas.


Who’s your favourite artist? I’ll tell you a few because I admire many people: Keneth Anger (filmmaker and writer), Tamara Santibañez (tattoo artist), Tom of Findland (illustrator).
How would you define your work? Dark and satirical, with space evasion.
What is your best professional moment? My best time is yet to come with hard work, I hope. Buy I can’t complain right now. I’m tired but happy.
What will we see at Tea&Cake? Black and white illustrations and painted boards. Inspiration on tattoos, films… I little bit of my personal universe.