Tea&Cake: Gustavo Pérez

Full Name: Gustavo Perez Ruiz
Star Sing: Gemini
Where are you from? Zaragoza city
Where do you live? I moved to Madrid 5 years ago.
Where else would you like to live? There are countless countries where I would never stop learning new stuff, but, as days go by, I know Madrid is where I belong.

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Where do you work? I work on my own stuff and also on commissioned projects.
What is your dream job? Living off creating beautiful and interesting things, for me and for other people.
Who would you like to work with? With all those people who, thanks to their creativity, project interesting images on my retina that help me make sense of what I do, people from Kling, the creator of all the work that has inspired me, are a good example of that.
When did you start drawing? I’ve been drawing since I saw my brother doing it when I was little. He was the first one who inspired me to create.
What is your creative process like?I work with the images around me, I trace them, and as if I were a filter; I keep the essence of all of them. Sometimes it is a meticulous research process with no clear final result.

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What techniques do you use? Mainly tracing paper, watercolors, coloring pencils and acrylic. It’s a sort of a blind printing process; constant repetition and the reaction of the support when mixing it with the traced drawing is 200% of the result.
Who is your favorite artist? There are many artists and designers from my generation with an extraordinary potential; it’s hard to pick just one. I was brought up to value and respect the work of others, I think that’s the key to develop your own.
How would you define your work? As a process of image de-construction. There are projects that start being simple illustrations that end up becoming conceptual pieces with an artistic discourse yet to be defined.
Your best professional moment? It’s still to come, and it will come, I’m sure.
What will we see at Tea & Cake this month? A small series of 9 illustrations which express a true KLING spirit.

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