Tea&Cake: Ana Müshell

Tea&Cake is back! Illustrator Ana Müshell will be in charge of opening the new season. See you this afternoon at Kling Downtown (calle Ballesta 6, Madrid)!

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Full name: Ana Müshell
Star sign: Libra
Where were you born?
Jerez de la Frontera (Cádiz)
Where are you currently living Granada

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Where else would to like to live? In a bunch of different places, depending on the season.
What do you do? Illustration and publishing design.
What is your dream job? I’m working on it…
Who would you like to work with? I’d love to work with some publishing houses I admire a lot and, above all, for magazines, illustrating articles, for example.

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When did you start drawing? I’ve been drawing since I was little. I loved doing it more than anything else. Now I’m self-teaching myself, learning new stuff every day.
What is your creative process like? I usually check out many websites, blogs, all kinds of images here and there and the work of other illustrators. I look for ideas and when I find one I play music, always. I like working without a sketch. I start drawing and if something deformed comes out, I usually like it.
What techniques do you use? Right now I’m working in a digital format. When I get fed up, I use acrylic painting, graphite and felt-tip pen.

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Who’s your favourite artist? I can’t say just one. I love Jess García, with whom I have been working together for years. I also like Polly Nor, Elena Eper, María Melero, Bodil Jane and Ana Galván, among many others.
How would you define your work? I don’t think I can define it because it’s constantly changing. I could talk about the moment where I’m at now. I’m working on ideas about travelling to outer space, about solitude, women’s permanent adolescence, anxiety, fears… I draw in black and white, though sometimes I add pink and pastel colors. I’m delving into other ideas, but I haven’t developed yet.

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What is your best professional moment? I’m starting to be independent now, which so far is my best professional moment. I guess more will come when I achieve more goals as an illustrator or publishing designer; that will also help my personal development. And all this with a little house by the beach. For example!
What will we see at Tea&Cake? A compilation of illustrations I’ve been working on for a year and a half; my anxious, sad, lonely girls; fanzines about today’s concept of sex; asteroid stickers and more. I hope you like it!

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