We think that is important to support creative people, so we want you to be part of Ruby Star!

We accept photographs, fashion stories, texts, comics, interviews, collages, videos … If it fits in Ruby Star, you’ll see it here. So feel free to send us your stuff! We don’t have a specific theme or anything like that, but we have a predilection for the female world and we want to support creative women.
But before sending your creations read the following:

For photos and fashion stories:
– Send a selection of 6 – 15 images.
– Tell us about the concept that accompanies your work, what inspired your project.
– Give credit to the people who participated.

For all submissions:
Original content, please, not published before.
– Attach a few lines about yourself.

For your inspiration you can see our moodboard. This is the kind of content that we love <3

If you want to participate send us your work to hello@rubystar.es. We’ll try to answer as soon as possible : )