Sara Gomes at Tea&Cake

Sara was born in the 1980s in Lisbon. She is currently residing in London, where she is devoted to her true vocation, photography. 
Her work, traditional and analog, has drawn the attention of some magazines including Vogue and Yo Dona, with which she has collaborated several times. 
During this month you can enjoy a series of photographs she took at the other side of the world: California.  See it at
– What are we going to see during this month in “Tea & Cake”?
These photos were taken during a roadtrip I did in the US last Summer.
I met with some of my best friends in San Francisco and we hit the road to find the most amazing places and people along the way.
– You are Lisbon native but nowadays you are based in London. When did you realized you wanted to be a photographer?

​I dont remember an exact date or phase when I started carrying my camera everywhere, I guess it happened naturally.
I always had sort of visual diaries online (I started with Livejournal, Blogspot..) so I used to take photos to publish there, then I studied Photography while I was in university and decided to assist a fashion photographer after that and started collaborating wit​h magazines, so it was all a bit organic and not much planning was involved.

– Your work is analog. Why didn’t you succumbed to the new technologies? / Why do you prefer analog cameras?

​I do have an IPhone, Instagram and all that, so its not like I am against new technologies.​
When it comes to my diary and my work, I find it more interesting to use analog for

​the whole process of making that single image. With digital cameras you have sort of a never-ending film so each photo isn’t as special as in a 36 exposures one. All the wait from the moment you click to when you actually see the negatives is also exciting for me. Sometimes I find photos I don’t remember taking and it’s always a nice surprise. I feel like a kid on Christmas morning whenever I pick film from the lab.
– You worked for a different fashion magazines but we saw you use your camera and rolls of film as a diary…
Most of the works I have done for fashion magazines or brand campaigns were shot with film. I guess the clients know that I dont shoot digital and they know my personal photography aesthetics when they come to me and I like to believe that is the reason they do. ​
Visit her exhibition from 6th of May until 1st of July
Kling Downtown Store Ballesta St 6, Madrid
+34 915 225 145