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By Iria Domínguez

Photos Ángela Suárez

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Sangre are a very cool band from Madrid. Performing songs with a message. Sangre are Ana, Laura, Concha, Elena, Dara and Penny. Sangre es amor is their first EP, which was self-released in 2013.

-SAAAAAAAAANGRE! That’s crazy, your name! It’s short and you have to scream it.

Why Sangre?

Since we decided to form the group, people always asked us two things: What kind of music do you do? What is the name of your band? We’ve always found it very difficult to categorise music, and even more our own. SANGRE is actually an acronym for our musical style: Shoegaze, Agujero [hole], Narcolepsia [narcolepsy], Gatos [cats], Ruido Eme [noise eme] (laughs), no joking, Ecléctico [eclectic], and of course, as it was so difficult to remember, even for us, we decided on SANGRE, which as a group name is cool.

-And SANGRE es amor [SANGRE is love]? It is! You are <3

(Laughs) Well, SANGRE es amor comes from Michael Gira! Right after recording our LP, we were at a Swans concert, and when the gig finished, the guy started screaming for 10 minutes: Blood is loooove! Love is blooood! And of course, we looked at each and we knew that we had a title for our EP.

-I see you and I think “These chicks are so cool” and I think of cool bands like L7 or The Slits… When did you decide to start a band? Were you friends before? How did it start?

Well, we’re not as cool as The Slits, but thanks! We were friends with each other long before. We were in the typical crisis “I’m bored of myself,” having beers all day and doing nothing. So we decided to do more than going to bars. We hesitated between taking up Zumba classes or forming a band, and luckily the second option won.

-People love you loads. What do you like the most? Playing, gigs, fans…? What don’t you like at all?

We love playing, whether at our rehearsal place or at a concert. That moment when you’re there with your instrument, you don’t think about anything else, you just feel the music, and that’s great. It’s cool to have fans, but we’re not prepared for fame. We still start giggling when they applaud or shout things at us.

Currently, there’s nothing we don’t like… But it will come!


-I’ve been several days with “el cura lo sabía” [“the priest knew it”] stuck in my head… I really liked “Cecilia”; how is your creative process? How do you write the songs and stuff?

Actually, “Cecilia” is the work of Penny Century, our lead guitarist. Overall, the creative process is group work, we do improvisations in our rehearsal place, or someone comes up with an idea in their head, and among all of us, we make the song Sangre style.


-Is there a song that you like more than the other songs for something special?

The good thing about having few songs is that we like them all (laughs). “Sola en casa III” [“Home Alone III”] is the one we like to play the most by far. We get into a crazy trance and it gives us a birthday face, so if we had to choose one, we’d go for “Sola.”


-What have you been listening to lately that you like a lot? Do you share musical tastes?

We’ve been stuck on El Último Vecino for a month, then each of us has their musical preferences. We are big fans of Los Planetas, Marine Girls, The Stone Roses, Ian Brown and everything he does, Belle and Sebastian, Almighty Defenders, Broadcast, Spice Girls, Tindersticks, Dirty Three, The Brian Jonestown Massacre, Electrelane, Ty Segall, Spacemen 3, Jonathan Richman, Crystal Stilts, The Velvet, Beyonce, Yo La Tengo, Fever Ray, My Expansive Awareness, Thee Oh Sees, Kurt Vile, Dungen, Astrud and Connan Mockasin. Good, varied shit… That eclecticism makes our songs move between various genres, and we believe that’s one of the strengths of Sangre.




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-What will you do this summer? Will you play at any festivals or something? Where do you like to play?

Yes, we will be in Granada on the Día Internacional del Licor de Granadas (International Pomegranate Liqueur Day) in the Carmencita festival in Veguellina de Órbigo, and in Matadero for the Festibal con B de Bici (Festibal with B as in Bike). Currently, these dates are set and we can’t say more names because we are not confirmed yet, but we really want to spend the summer playing everywhere, so…. hello festival people, call us!


-Who will you go on tour with?

With Los Wallas, The Parrots, Holy Science, who are our friends and are super nice, all of them. With many people we don’t know personally, but for sure we’d hit it off with them, you know Sangre es amor (laughs). And with Jef Barbara and his… magic.


-And who will you NEVER go on tour with?

With Shakira, from the moment she started to appear in that ad as gut flora, we find her a little scary.


-Any funny anecdote that you want to share with us?

We are beginners and people can tell… For example, a few weeks ago when we went to play at Disco Grande, we were told that there was no equipment, and we took it literally and we appeared in the studio with microphone stands, stools, etc. When they saw us coming, they freaked out, of course.


-Any advice for girls who want to start a band?

Do it for sure, and the sooner the better!


-Any upcoming concerts?

Elena, our drummer will be out until May, so the gigs we are confirming will be from then on. It’s likely that we’ll play in Madrid on May 9.


Published at RubyStar Issue 6