Piedad os lo ruego

Interview by Zazi White
Photos by Juan Patiño

How was Piedad os lo ruego born?
We wanted to try being in a band without not knowing how to play at all. It’s more of a performance. In fact, we had been talking about Piedad for about a year and only had lyrics for one song. The performance just got out of our hands!

What are you main influences? What do you like to listen to?
In a review they mentioned bands such as Joy Division, The Primitives, Beat Happening, Huggy Bear, Bis, Helen Love… They might be our influences, or maybe not. We always listen to the freshest music.


What inspires you to write your songs? Tell us about your creative process.
So far our songs are good! (laughs) We are inspired by current events, especially by rap. We first work on the lyrics and then we put the music to them. Right now we’re in a process of self-discovery.

What about your live shows? What is a Piedad show like?
Shows are short, so when we are 70 nobody will ask for 3-hour-long ones because that’d never had happened. We feel for Bruce Springsteen.


How did your relationship with the Club Social label come up?
Borja called for us through a podcast. It was a completely surprising, unexpected and fruitful thing to happen—we released an LP. <3

You recently released a 10” titled Gente Guapa Sitios Feos. How is it doing?
Well, it’s there, slowly but surely. We’re very happy.

Who would you like to share stage with?
With Pimp Flaco. We’ve said this before, we’re serious! It’d be cool.

What are you plans for the future?
We’re going to be big!

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You can listen to Piedad os lo ruego on Club Social’s bandcamp.