Pettirosso Press

Pettirosso Press is an independent publishing house specializing in the production of limited-edition fanzines. We have talked with hem about the fanzine scene, about which ones they read and the ones they publish.

Who’s behind Pettirosso Press?
A small bird that lurks about with wicked purposes. But it doesn’t hide that much, though. And, on the other hand it’s us: Paula Robles and Jorge de Cascante.

How did the idea of publishing your own fanzine come about?
We had been wanting to collaborate in a project, we had a lot of ideas. We both like books, magazines, comics… So one day we decided to print on paper.


Could you tell us about the fanzines you’ve published so far?
PAULA: “Cast a Shadow” is a fanzine about people wearing casts. We used pics we’d been keeping. I think I had a trauma because, unlike my classmates, I’d never had to wear casts or bandages. “Ángela” focuses on a photo session I made with Ángela Huete a couple of summers ago. It was a way to explore adolescence, one of my obsessions. I used to post more often in a tumblr devoted to this).
JORGE: Those are all sold out now. We’ve just released three new ones: “Al habla”, with 100 pages; it’s like a small book about people talking on the phone, with drawings, pictures, collages, texts, etc.); “Another Conversation With Myself”, about girls taking selfies on Snapchat, and “Qtness Overload”, about the same but with just one girl:
Helena Gorogoro.


What are your favourite fanzines?
PAULA: “Something’s slipping in all this sun” by Feréstec, “Hot and Cool” by Alice Goddard, “Una blanda oscuridad” by Sergi Puyol, “Our teenage boys and girls” by Maggie Lee,  and “VISTA HERMOSA” by Mike Spears, among others.
JORGE: All fanzines by Mark Gonzales, the ones by 
Begoña García-Alén, several ones by Fuckers Books and, in general, everything Jesse Spears does and Roberta Vázquez’s comics. I also like the fanzines by my friend Isa Fernández Reviriego, they’re all very beautiful.

Each fanzine focuses on a different theme. What are you working on now?
PAULA: We’d like to do something different from what we’ve done so far. We have a few ideas, but we’ll need time to develop them.
JORGE: I want to make a fanzine with all the dogs that my family has had since 1940. A family tree of dogs because they’ve been like family to me.


How do you choose your collaborators?
It’s people who do things we love.

Where are your fanzines available?
At the moment online only at La Internet, or by sending us an email. There’s a very cool physical store in Barcelona called Dosmil2000. We’d like them to be available in more stores, but we spent too much time lying on the grass seeing life go by.