Petite Meller #issue9

Interview by Iria Domínguez

When did you start to make music?
I always had melodies with lyrics playing in my mind. I used to record on a pink recorder. I feel like it’s divine inspiration. Music always helped me take the pain away.

How do you write your songs?
I wrote “Baby Love” with Swedish producer Jocke Åhlund. We were in his studio in Stockholm and I asked him if I could beatbox with my mouth since I don’t like programmed drums.
He opened a mic and an African rhythm came out of me, then we added bongos and congas and immediately knew where this video should be shot.
“Backpack” I wrote on a taxi ride, just an acknowledgment I feel about life, and “NYC Time” I wrote while humming to myself walking down Brooklyn Road recalling the jazz records I used to listen to as a child like Duke Ellington and Dizzy Gillespie.

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You are studying philosophy, how does it inspire you when your write your songs?
I’m writing now my master in philosophy and focusing on psychoanalysis.
Freud, Lacan and Deleuze were always the material I was attracted to, but also Shakespeare and Kant. They all deal with human unconscious dreams and mind.
For Freud dreams are based on a childhood memory that wears different costumes every night. In my “Backpack” video, I show those scenes of my childhood as a chio girl discovering sexuality for the first time through a physical game or just while walking alone in the open fields and feeling pleasure for the first time. It’s those little discoveries in life that I wanted to show in my “Backpack” video.
The water ski scene in “Backpack” is basically the free feeling of acknowledging that things are falling into their place and that’s how I feel right now.

Do you have a favourite philosopher?
Lacan deals with the jouissance, psychosis and its symptoms. All his theory tries to explain and help the human mind.


How would you describe the universe of your videos and your fashion style?
My grandma was a very inspiring figure for me, she was very elegant, and she used to wear pale pantyhose and pastel festive handkerchiefs. I used to spend most of my childhood with her.

Who and what inspires you? 
I was always inspired by classic cinema. It’s the aesthetics of directors like Bergman, Antonioni or Tarkovsky, for me those movies are not different to songs. It’s poetry.
In “NYC Time” video intro, we paid homage to Antonioni’s Eclipse; I wanted to show those empty suburbia locations that symbolize a start of a voyage. The music I grew up on, jazz and blues, is taking me on its shoulders to where all the magic happens, to New York, where you have to live your dream.

Can you please recommend us a film and album that you love?
It’s hard to choose. Death in Venice maybe, it so visually expresses my style and the absurd in life.

What would you love to do in 2016?
Finish my master, shoot three more exploring countries videos; I’ve got ma backpack on, am ready for the ride.

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