Paloma Powers

Interview by Iria Domínguez 
Images from Paloma Powers

How would you explain to our readers what Paloma Powers is?
Paloma Powers is a creative agency developing innovating arts-driven solutions. Working between New York, Los Angeles, and Shanghai, Paloma is dedicated to clients who want to activate the ideas, creativity, and community of talent from the art and design worlds. The company provides art strategy consulting services for brands and companies, and also represents a core network of creative hybrids working between art and architecture, design, technology, media, and fashion.

When and why did you start your project?
The landscape for art is undeniably changing, so the support systems and structures behind it must also evolve.  Traditional galleries support artists who make saleable objects, but many artists can offer clients creative input and other skills, which do not easily fit into this category.

My partner Samantha Culp and I started the business in March of 2014 with a soft launch at Art Basel HK.  By the following year, Airbnb was our client and we produced and curated their first Art House during ABHK 2015.  Oftentimes, people refer to Paloma Powers as a “project”, but I am always quick to clarify that it’s a “business”, a for-profit endeavor that trying to line the pockets of talented artists. Perhaps the most radical thing Paloma is attempting is to pay artists a fair wage for their work and establish proper working conditions between artists and clients.


What do you love most about your work?
Being surprised by artists. When you are running your own business, every day has extreme highs and lows, but we’ve learned to trust the artists whom we are working with. Paloma Powers asks the question: “When every surface becomes a screen, what do you want staring back at you?” Artists are essential in addressing this.

What are your planning now (workwise) ?
We have a curatorial project for Absolut in Los Angeles and editorial contributions in White Zinfandel and Lifestyle Magazine coming out soon.  In 2016, Paloma Powers is planning to produce radical and useful artist-designed products.

– What is the last art show you loved most and why?
I loved seeing Philippe Parreno’s exhibition most recently at the Park Avenue Armory in NY and several years ago at Palais de Tokyo. It’s a living, breathing, evolving sum of its parts.


Tell us some of you favourite artists of the moment
Shawn Maximo – Canadian/American artist, retail designer and architect known for his fantastical 3D renderings for DIS, PIN-UP, Zeit Magazine and his installation design for Swiss Institute, Perez Art Museum, and MAMVP, and founding member of artist collective Yemenwed.

Nanu Al-Hamad – Kuwait-born member of artist collective GCC, who as a solo artist designs glow-in-the-dark furniture and 3D-printed delights.

Kytten Janae – LA-based experimental animator and online avatar known for unique digital and physical experiences.

Amalia Ulman – Spanish/Argentine post-internet darling and self-described transatlantic expat whose spirit of nomadism and outsider cultural inquisitiveness informs her practice.

What is your favourite thing about winter?
The freedom to wear the same outfit every day beneath a beautiful and warm coat.