Photographies and text: Zazi White
Model: Marisol Verdugo
Clothing: Kling, vintage and WEGO.

A few weeks ago I traveled alone to Tokyo to visit my friend Marisol. She’s a Mexican girl I met when I was living in London, and from the first moment we realized that we were like soul mates.
When I was with her in Tokyo we didn’t do much sightseeing. We visited some places that we like and live the normal life, something so simple that I love. One day we visited a sento near home because I always wanted to visit a Japanese public bath. That place was so nice, with clear light, aquamarine tones and a perfect warm temperature. We met the lady who runs the sento, and she let us take some pictures there. That morning was like a dream come true.
Arigatou gozaimashita to Daikokuyu and Ken <3

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2 thoughts on “‘Marisol in the sento’, by Zazi White”

  1. That day was so dreamy and beautiful, like every day zazi was with me in Japan.
    But both of us visiting the sentou was just the top, she made me do things I wouldn’t normally do by myself being here.
    Zazi thank you for being such a beautiful soul and for capturing the worm feelings that are still deep inside me that I wouldn’t normally know I still have within me.

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