Mariana a Miserável



Why a Miserável?

If the lottery’s grand prize was bad luck, I would win



As a child your dream was…?

To be a florist. (yes I didn’t want to be anything fabulous like an astronaut)



piscina_640 IMG_7864_640 Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset


Now your dream is…?

Continue loving to do what I do,   yearning to make and learn new things and be able to continue to live from it


Your favorite tools?

Pencil, brush, hands, good phrases.


The best inspiration?

Everyday I find a new one.




Your best work?

Normally it’s the latest one but you chose:

When you are not drawing, what you like to do?

When I’m not drawing I’m living and learning new stories to tell in the drawings



With who would you like to have a dinner?

With friends who live far far away



Your favorite place in the world?





One food…fondue

One person…my dad

One city…Porto


By Rocío Madrid