Margot Bird



Where do you come from?

I am from the United States– originally from the midwest: born in Sioux City, Iowa and grew up in Madison, Wisconsin.  I have lived in Seattle and now New York City (Brooklyn) for the past couple years.





What is your work about?

My paintings, murals, and drawings are all intended to make people laugh.  There is light commentary in the work but I don’t ever intend to make large political or opinionated statements through my work so those themes tend to be hard to spot.  I am obsessed with eyes and the millions of ways that individual people perceive things so there are always extra eyeballs in my work.  I also like to give my characters extra eyes because I believe the saying that the eyes are the windows to our souls– I enjoy the idea of our windows being thrown wide open to the world and our true intentions exposed and think that my characters with extra eyes are examples of very honest and free souls.


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When do you develop your work?

My work has been slowly developing over the years in Seattle and Brooklyn but I have been painting eyeballs since 2010.  You can see my work on my blog:


When you’re not working, what do you like to do?

My hobbies are going to art shows and collecting houseplants.  I try to go to at least 2 art shows per week and have over 200 plants at home in Brooklyn.


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Tell us something about childhood, how does it all began?

My favorite game as a child was anything make believe — my two favorite things were probably building forts and putting on make-up and pretending I was a teenager.  I drew ALL the time! — I didn’t watch TV but would pause the screen and draw the cartoons.  And before I knew how to read I liked to copy the text from books and newspaper onto any piece of paper I could find.


By Rocío Madrid