Los Bravú #issue9

interview by Álex Serrano

Dea Gómez and Diego Omil are the punk scene of the Spanish comic. Being relatively new to the scene, they have managed to draw the attention of every man jack thanks to a strong identity and a quite freakish approach to the medium. We have prepared a questionnaire expecting, as always, the best.


You are young, talented and sexy. Why the hell do you draw comics?
(Laughs) All right, thank you! We draw comics because it’s cool, because it’s the new rock and roll.

Now, seriously, what do you see in such an atomised/ignored/sectarian medium?
Because it’s a breath of fresh air. Comics have an endless number of narrative and aesthetic possibilities yet to be untapped to lay into what they call the “contemporary”.

La Furia is Natural Born Killers but also Russ Meyer and the Memphis Group. What did you have in mind when you got on with it?
We wanted to give our opinion on certain violent impulses that have their origin in the frustration of the marginal. But we didn’t want to be a pain in the arse; we just wanted good vibes and a bit of thugging and hooliganning, and for people to stick their necks out.

Ultraviolence, street people, strong and beautiful women… Is it a fleeting interest, a phase? What else do you want to do?
We want to tell stories. The street is an element we are used to, and from it, we can get many stories, but it’s not the only one. All our stories always include a political speech. We also consider aesthetic concerns that propose challenges that we should solve graphically.


So far, you have alternated publishing, desktop publishing, formatting, but usually in short stories. Are you planning to create a story with more pages?
We are working on two projects before the end of 2015, and both together have plenty of pages but are still short stories, by now we feel comfortable that way.

You have just spent six months in Angouleme where you participated in something as special as the Maison des auteurs. Can you explain the uninitiated what it was all about and how was the experience?
A jury of French comic artists give you the green light to go there with accommodation and a workshop free of charge and work on your project in great facilities with very pro people. The experience was great, we learned a lot about the medium and our own work. We were fortunate to share our time with important comic artists and to travel around France.

Form, content, both or none?
Both of them. It seems that the new comic is a lot about form, and our work too, of course. But the mere aestheticism ends up being sterile.

We give you the opportunity here and now to tell us a revelation or a prophecy.
Mmm. Scoop! Our next comic will be titled SURVIVAL CONDO and will have its speck of science fiction.