Interview: Zazi White
LSB Designer and creative director: Yoppy
Model: Kurumi Emond
Photo: Kisshomaru Shimamura
Ruri Matsui
Make up and hair: 
Hitomi Matsuno

Little Sunny Bite is one of the coolest streetwear brands in Japan right now. Its charismatic designer, Yoppy, tells us about LSB and her latest collection.

How would you describe Little Sunny Bite? What is the concept that defines your brand?
Little Sunny Bite is for those who love fashion 🙂 I grew up with (Harajuku) fashion, and I just loved cute things. I want girls to enjoy LSB with their wardrobe! I design all of my LSB collections, but also I’m always working with Disney, The Muppets or some kind of license. I work with some underground artists too. Collaborations are the spices of my collections!

How did you started in the fashion world?
I’ve been working in the fashion industry since I was 20. I was shop staff at a cool select shop in Harajuku (it used to be cool). Then I studied web marketing and other stuff. Everything was concerned with fashion. When I was 26 years old I joined JOYRICH company as PR. I learned so much from my boss and I got experiened. Then I started LSB when I was 30! Me and ex boss have a really good relationship. He always cheers me up!!

What kind of things inspire you?
Colors! And TV movies, especially love ones ♥

What are the people who wear LSB like?
People who love fashion, who wants enjoy their style! People who love colors!!

What’s the inspiration of this new collection?
Bands! I made up a fictional band in my mind, then made clothing for the members! Their name is “Cherry Band”.

What do you like the most about working in fashion?
Shooting, making videos and visuals!!  Then, when I show it to my customers and I see their smiles, it makes my day!

Who would you love to see dressed in LSB?
Recently, I got some man customers too, so I think to see more men in LSB would be cool  🙂
And cute girls all over the world!