Las Brujas de Mayo

Text and photos by Inés Cardó

Las Brujas de Mayo are a women’s literary collective from Madrid founded by Sofía Ruiz, inspired by other like-minded collectives such as Los Perros Románticos and La Tribu de Frida. Their aim? Through an online platform, physical meetings and literature, Las Brujas de Mayo seek to share experiences, grow together and create and strengthen bonds. They met on Friday, June 10 at Teamlabs to celebrate a second reading surrounded by confetti, balloons and glitter.


The poems read were as varied as the 19 women of different ages and backgrounds that make up the collective, which is open to new members. Several themes were broached, always from a feminist and intimate perspective.
Las Brujas de Mayo is a safe space for any woman with an interest in literature and writing, a sorority with literature as a means but also as an end to listen, to love and to support each other.

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Read their poems on tumblr, follow them on @lasbrujasdemayo and Facebook.