In April last year, we got an email from an English guy saying he had written an article about us on his website and the next day we released our first songs on the Internet. It was NME. Same thing happened one day later with The Line of Best Fit, DIY and a lot more magazines. That was followed by emails from record labels stamps, booking agents, publishers, promoters and a lot of people of whom we did not even understand their job title. On June 9, we performed our fourth gig as a band, in Sebright Arms, London. Since then we have returned six times, five gigs were ours and one we opened for The Black Lips. All of them were sold out. No city has admired us so much or given us so much strength to always do it the best we could.

We made all these photos on our last tour. They were taken two days in a row, the first we played at Boston Arms and the second at Electrowerkz. We hope you like them. 🙂


F1000014Ana backstage with school friends. Day 1.


F1000029Carlotta with the envelope the disposable cameras came in. Thanks Iria. Day 1.


F1000009This fan made four t-shirts like this one. Then he came, partied with us and asked us to sign his. Day 1.


F1000004Ana crazy right after the concert. Day 1.


F1000009 2Ziyad (Pink Film) and his girlfriend, Otilia after the concert.

Pink Film opened for us at our first gig in London. Since then, we meet every time we go there, they are very nice guys. Day 2.



F1000012Ade and Dany (Pink Film) after the concert. Day 2 (Sorry we look so drunk in all the photos, LOL)


F1000013Ana, Amber and Joan, our manager, eating sushi backstage for the first time. What bliss! Day 1.


F1000014 2Carlotta on the pub table with London brochures where we appeared. Day 2.


F1000015I know we are a bore, but having sushi backstage made us feel very well (LOL). Day 1.


F1000016VANT backstage getting ready to play before us. Day 1.


F1000018Carlotta preparing for a sound check. Day 1.


F1000020Superheroine Amber (LOL) savoring victory. Behind on the right Carlotta and on the left James and Austin (Swim Deep). Day 2.


F1000021ALL OF US (at last). Day 1.


F1000022Carlotta doing a sound check. Day 2.


F1000024Ana and Carlotta tasting our rider. We are showing our crown jewel: Ibuprofen. Day 2.


F1000028Amber looking for Favourite Worst Nightmare (Arctic Monkeys) being a drummer as she is. Day 2.


F1000029 2The moment we found our faces on the floor in a record store J. Day 2.


F1000030The only thing we could do in our free time. Flashback Records. Day 2.


F1000020 2Ade and Ana. No one puts the heating on for sound check.Day 1, Boston Arms.


F1000012 2Carlotta with the set list we had to write on the bag for beers. In the background, Howe Gelb. Day 1.


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