Hilary Faye: nicely arranged things.


From Melbourne this pioneering spirit explores by the imagined old publications like National Geographic to transform it into her own worldview. The sensitivity of Hilary Faye is reflected in these fabulous jobs, already echoed by strong institutions like the Tate Gallery. Recently back from a tour of India, she tells us the here the reason of her work.

Full name: Hilary Faye Sloane

Birth date: 7th February, 1989

Living at: Melbourne, Australia

Job: Freelance Graphic Designer

Favorite canvas: “Radha’s Viraha” by Nandalal Bose (discovered some wonderful artists on a recent visit to India)

link: http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_pCG_c3Rq788/TAJ9GKUAu6I/AAAAAAAAHlk/DJ-1jwOLqcU/s1600/Radha%27s+Vihara+by+Nandalal+Bose.jpg


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What do you usually use to make these wonderful collages? 

The first thing I do is source my imagery, which is often National Geographic and second hand picture books. (I never turn to the internet to find images, way too overwhelming). Then it’s more or less sitting on the floor with scissors and glue for hours until my legs go numb.


How long you can take to make one?

It really depends, sometimes I can miraculously create a final composition in the first attempt – out of pure luck. Other times it may take hours and countless rearrangements.


With what you cut? 

Scissors or a blade.


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Hobbies: cooking in my kitchen with an excellent soundtrack and good lighting

Favorite mineral: opal

Your best work: The collage GIFs that I started making in early 2012

Your best professional moment: Having my GIF exhibited in Tate Britain!

Next projects? I really want to make a collage animation (not a GIF but an actual short animation). It’s going to be disgustingly time consuming.

The Book: The Dharma Bums

The movie: Chungking Express by Kar Wai Wong

The Artist:  (sorry it’s way too hard to choose one) Jeremy Deller, Cy Twombly, Gustav Klimt, Karla Black and Kshitindranath Majumdar 


One thought… what is happening to the great barrier reef is heartbreaking

One day… I would like to live in japan

One color… peach

One food… malai kofta