In this last year many things have happened, good and bad things.
Among the bad ones are the day we wake up with the news that a person like Donald Trump rules the United States, the refugee crisis, the homophobic massacre of the Orlando nightclub, the rise of Islamophobia, or the deaths of people as iconic as David Bowie, Carrie Fisher, Prince, George Michael, Pete Burns, Sonia Rykiel or La Veneno, among others. But there have also been good things, such as that feminism is something that occupies all areas, with more and more people considering what oppresses and limits us, the empowerment of women, selfcare, bodypositive movements, or visibility and normalization of issues such as other gender identities, menstruation, or mental illness.
2016 has been the year of people like Abrahamsson, Palomo, Chromosome, Amarna Miller, Chloe Wallace, Adriana Roslin, Filip and Kito, Aries, Bala, or Kero Kero Bonito among many others, and we hope 2017 will be as good as it was last year for them (and who knows what it will bring to some of them in upcoming releases of Ruby Star…). For now we can tell you that our New Year’s resolutions are summed up in doing things the best possible every day and get our next issue out of it, because you don’t stop asking us!

A happy new year ♥

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