Girls & Comics (II): Roberta Vázquez #issue10

Interview: Diana Cubo

How would your biography begin? (Where you are from, where you live, etc.)
Roberta Vázquez, 1989, Santiago de Compostela. Presently, she lives in Barcelona. Instagram: @robertavazquez

When did your interest in illustration start? And specifically in comics?
Thanks to Zipi y Zape and Teo books. I guess I wanted to draw as well as the authors and look like the characters.

What inspires you when making comics, personal experiences or crazy thoughts?
The personal experiences of the people that surround me, series, movies, music.

Who are your favourite comic-book writers?
Peter Bagge, Robert Crumb, Matt Furie.

Today, what would you say has been your professional milestone?
Feeling like drawing, no matter what.

Is it possible to live off making comics in Spain or unfortunately do you need to have another job to pay the bills?
It’s difficult but not impossible. In my case, I pretend to be super friendly and outgoing 30 hours a week, and then when I go back home, I do what I really like. I hope someday I can be a full-time embittered person and draw the way I want.

At present in Spain, many groups and artists support each other. Who have you worked with?
With Fosfatina, Ediciones Valientes, Bosta Ediciones, Zángano Comix, with whoever needs me.

Apart from the endless hours spent at comic and self-publishing festivals, what positive experiences do you get from this?
I only focus on the positive aspects of this kind of events; they pay me for my comics, and I spend the day drinking beers, what else could I ask for?

Would you say that it is difficult to be in the world of comics being a girl?
Not at all.

Tell us a little about your current work and upcoming projects.
For a couple of years, I’ve published a series of fanzines, Bob y Amigos, and now I’m preparing #5. This year, I wrote the comic book Flor y Nata/YOLO in collaboration with Teresa Ferreiro and Paraíso Online with Bàrbara Alca. I’m writing some comic strips about a ghost for the comic Desubicado, and I’m preparing a comic book with Apa Apa, due out next year. I’m very excited about that.

Where can we see your stuff and buy everything?