Ghost Car #issue9

Photographies: Héctor Pozuelo
Interview: Hits with Tits

Who are Ghost Car?
Ghost Car are María, Maeve, Clara and Laura.

Where does the name come from? Is it a tribute to Christie by Stephen King? Do you believe in ghosts?
The band name came about because we’ve always liked old cars and especially when covered to protect them from the rain and snow. We don’t believe in ghosts, but the idea of a ghost car seems funny to us, so when we go to London and we see a covered car we say that it’s a ghost car.

How are bands doing in London?
London is packed with cool bands. There are concerts every night in our favourite venues, almost every week we go to concerts and discover amazing bands usually for free.


What band would you sell your soul for to share the stage with?
María would sell her soul to play with Patti Smith; Maeve with Shania Twain in the 90s; Clara to play with Pavement; and Laura with Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds.

You’ve shared a split album with Summerisle, distributed by UPSY, a label created especially for you, together with Flexidiscos. With these credentials, would you go for self-release? Or would your experience be associated with a record label?
We’re super happy to have released our first EP through UPSY and Flexidisco. As our first work to see the light, it has been very special to publish it in our country and with the support of our friends. Perhaps in the future we would not mind to release something with a record label as one of our dreams is going on tour.

We see the need to create a culture of concerts as an essential point. What are the differences and similarities between the English and the Spanish music scene?
We love both the English and the Spanish music scene, but in our experience, it seems that the English scene is much more accessible for everyone because many concerts are free or very cheap. Maybe it’s because promoters have more resources to organise concerts and even pay the bands. We believe that is part of the English culture to offer live music and many pubs have their own concert hall, so there is a need to find new bands continuously.


The cover for your split album is by Clara Bleda and if we turn the LP over, Summerisle’s cover is by Raquel Aparicio. Do you see an implicit link between music and illustration or between photography and music?
We see a powerful and much-needed link between music and image. We love photography and illustration and create our own posters using these resources. One of us (María) made our logo. Sometimes we also have the collaboration of friends who are also artists We think the image is crucial for bands since forever and especially for us that love art. The cover of our album is a photo of the roof of a concert venue in Brixton that we love, where we will play soon and we are thrilled!

Besides musical references, what are your essential cultural references?
Art in general, and especially photography and collage. Some photographers like William Eggleston, who made many album covers, and Stephen Shore, or artists such as Hannah Höch. Laura especially loves the figure of Julia Margaret Cameron.


Recommend us any band that you’ve known recently, which we need to track.
Primetime, Pit Ponies (with which we have played several times) and Phobophobes.

Do you base the lyrics of your songs on real experiences? If so, could you tell us something about them?
Many of them are based on real experiences, but we also like to make up stories such as ‘Ghost of You’ and ‘Rocket’. ‘Stuck in the Mud’ is a real story, we wrote it to express how difficult it was to start from scratch in a city like London and the anger or frustration of those moments when you feel stuck and you need to react.

Do you like to be defined as a girl band?
Honestly, we don’t mind being described as a girl band because in fact, it’s what we are, and we support girl bands, but we don’t think it’s necessary to mention our sex when we present ourselves as a group.


You have recently participated in the compilation Hits with Tits vol.2, what do you think about this project?
Getting involved in this collection has been one of the best things that have ever happened to us, we really appreciated the bands involved and the work behind this project. We are very proud to be part of Hits with Tits and we played at the Festival de Trueno Rayo in October. We love to have links of this kind with Spain, especially with Valencia.

What do you think of the avalanche of festivals with the very same line-up? Do you believe that this is a sustainable and sound practice?
We can’t go to many festivals because we are always a bit short, so I don’t know the situation very well. We only know that many times the priority of the festival is to make money and repeat the same bands because they secure an audience and don’t risk with new bands.

The ‘80s and ‘90s are fully back. Who were your idols as teenagers?
María liked the Spanish punk bands such as La Polla Records or Siniestro Total; Clara Jesus and Mary Chain and Surfin’ Bichos from Albacete; Laura Mo Tucker, Diane Arbus and Gene Clark; and Maeve Phil Lynott of Thin Lizzy.


If the world were to end, what would be your last meal? 
María lentils and chocolate ice cream; Clara his grandfather Antonio’s fideuá; Maeve “Ulster Fry’, which is like a super English breakfast, she says it’s better because the bread is made from potato, typical of where she is from in Northern Ireland; and Laura sausages, oysters and champagne!

Tell us what the best experience as a band has been so far or what you think might be.
Undoubtedly, the best experience was playing in La Residencia; that night was brutal and unforgettable. Also it is very cool playing at our favourite places in London such as Shacklewell Arms or the Old Blue Last.

Where is Ghost Car heading? When will you release your own LP?
Ghost Car go with the flow. So far, we have been very lucky because everything is happening in a very natural way, playing at incredible venues and with quality bands without having to search. We are working on our forthcoming LP, recording new songs, although we don’t know if we will self-release it or what plan lies ahead.
Long live Ghost Car!