‘Gender punch’, by Lucía Sun

Photography and styling: Lucía Sun
Models: Maria Sanchiz, Maria Vaquero, Sandra Rubio, Paula Martin

Clothes: KLING, Celio, Solo la Verdad es Sexy, Art x 44 Studio, 40 Tipos de Vodka, Les Petites y Hotel Particulier.

Lucía Sun is a 23 years old photographer. She is Chinese but was born in Valencia, raised in Galicia, and she currently lives in Madrid, where she moved to study Audiovisual Communication. She currently works as a photographer for an online brand and is also dedicated to small emerging projects.
I really wanted to do a shooting around the genre and the ambiguity. Lucia is bisexual, and femininity is a recurring theme in one way or another in her aesthetic. She wanted to photograph girls who would doubt what they are, as a way of showing that fashion should not have gender.
As a curious fact, part of the model casting process was through the Tinder app.

You can follow Lucia’s work at her  instagram and web.