Text and photos by Zazi White
Model: Freya Louisa Palmer-Baker

Some months ago, while I was living in London, my friend Freya came to my home to take some photos for a school project with me as a model. At that moment I had some clothes borrowed from SOMEWHERE NOWHERE at home because I wanted to do a fashion story, but things didn’t happen as I planned, so I didn’t, but with no planification I took these wonderful photos of Freya that day. I really love this photos because she looks like the real angel she is.

DSC_0023_670 DSC_0028_670DSC_0035_670 DSC_0047_670 DSC_0057_670 DSC_0062_670 DSC_0070_670 DSC_0080_670 DSC_0091_670 DSC_0101_670 DSC_0105_670 DSC_0117_670 DSC_0121_670

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