All photographies from MEEWEE DINKEE SS17 lookbook.

Today in our Young Designers section we have MEEWEE DINKEE, a japanese fashion brand wich creates original clothes playing with concepts as kawaii and underground culture.

Who is the people behind MEEWEE DINKEE? How did you get started in fashion?
TORICO, who is a designer and director, was a fashion blogger at NumeroTOKYO, and thats why she started in Fashion Design. ARUTA SOUP, who is in charge of graphic design, has returned to Japan after studying Camberwell college of Arts(UK).

How would you describe your designs?
I thought that Japanese young people would be interested in art at least as much as possible through fashion by setting Arts to Fashion as a theme. Firstly ARUTA SOUP digitally converts the analogue as an artwork and stepping on the process of putting it in the graphic of clothes. So there are as many art pieces as there are clothes. In my designs there is “coexistence of conflicting elements”. Light and shadow, good and evil, pop and underground. An extremely different element is in one design.
The red ribbon is a cute point, however, this image is an image bleeding with a shoot.
I am also a film director. I shot the movie “MIDORI” in 2016. The original of this movie is Suehiro Maruo, a Japanese underground cartoonist. “Coexistence of conflicting elements” will also appear in this movie.

What kinds of things inspire you?
I’m inspired by the circumstances of the ages and designing what I want to appeal. For example kawaii culture that has been consumed in Japan, against of terrorism. Mutation of the people in SNSs development.

Who are your favorite designers?
Karl Lagerfeld, Bernhard Willhelm, Olympia Le-Tan, ALESSANDRO MICHELE.

How do you dress in your day to day?
I coordinate clothes of MEEWEE DINKEE with old clothes and other brands.

What do you like the most about fashion world?
Fashion is a place where instantaneous power is important and good or bad is a momentary place, including human relationships. Anyway quickly! Everywhere as soon as possible! I like that situation.

And the least? Where would you want to be in the near future?
Although I came to four years and the image has been established as a brand, I feel bit getting down on the contrary, so I want to break the whole thing and renew the brand again and I want to start over again with a new position. Of course, treating the four-year walk we have done so far is important.

You can follow MEEWEE DINKEE on   instagram and their website.