Brie Moreno #issue10

Interview: Diana Cubo

Who is Brie Moreno? How can you introduce yourself?
My name is Brie Moreno. I’m 22 years old and I live in­ Ottawa, Canada. I freelance and make comics.

When did you start producing art?
My mom ran a daycare when I was little, and she relied heavily on crafting as the main form of entertainment for the kids and myself. I was always enthusiastic at the thought of looking at art supplies and sketchbooks and I have a foggy memory of always being covered in markers.

Are the texts and the characters in your comics inspired by real experiences and thoughts? What inspires you the most?
Not always. I think since I’m producing the work there is an innate person presence lingering over all my characters and stories but almost all of my characters have been made up, pulled out of my bottom. I think it’s the best way for me to escape from reality, I’m a big fan of repression. I’m inspired by colour and chunky lines, fairy tales, fashion and nature.

How is your creative process? Do you use computer or by hand?
I start out with a very loose messy sketch then do all the work digitally. Sometimes I take the digital drawing and lightbox that with coloured pencil.

I really love your instagram and I can scroll it to infinity… Do you feel like social media affected you in a positive way?
I love social media, I’ve been on Instagram for about three years now and I don’t have much to complain about. I do get scared that I’m too distant and closed off from my followers or that I’m not posting enough about my art but in the end it’s virtual, it’s not real, who cares. Right now I am content with using it to archive and to stay in the loop with what my peers are doing.

Who are the artists you like/follow?
Breakdown Press is a contemporary comics publishing label based in London. Most of my favourite artists are being published on there like Joe Kessler, Lala Albert, Connor Willumsen, Zoe Taylor, Richard, Seiichi Hayashi, Sasaki Maki etc. I also love the works of King Terry, Gary Panted, Annie Pootoogook, Maren Karlson, and Char Esme.

What stuff have you been envolved lately? And what’s next?
Recently I’ve been working on a story for the comic anthology Lagon Revue (Sammy Stein and Alexis Beauclair) and I had a comic in the latest Kus anthology as well. At the moment I’m working on a new mini for 2D cloud and a book with Breakdown Press. I also have a group show  coming up in New York in conjunction with Forge Art Magazine called “Currents” happening November 11th as well as another group show in Berlin happening November 11-13 called “Total Sellout” curated by Paul Waak.