‘Bianca’, by Pam Lau

Photographer: Pam Lau
Model: Bianca Weeko Martin

When Pam first came across an image of Bianca sporting an oversized Barbie rhinestone necklace with matching pink eyeshadow, she knew she had to shoot with her. For this set they both dug in the back of their closets for looks that blended humour with nostalgia (see: Juicy velour, a faux fur-trimmed denim coat and plenty of tracksuits).

Pam Lau is a photographer based in Toronto, Canada. In 2016 she was named recipient of Applied Arts magazine’s Young Blood Photography Award. She seeks the calm and uncomplicated in her work and translates this mood into lifestyle imagery for clients such as Nike, American Express and Vice.

You can follow Pam’s work at her website and instagram.

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