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Big eyes, big black bulging eyes of a dark and magnetic attraction stand out from a small white face. Bette Davis knew from the beginning that her physique didn’t quite fit Hollywood’s beauty canon. They wouldn’t call her “pretty” but she managed to captivate such relevant directors as William Wyler, who directed her in JezebelThe Letter and The Little Foxes, and Mankiewicz (All about Eve), both of whom enhanced her strange charm.


She played roles that were far from the innocent, sweet and vulnerable woman. Instead, with pride and arrogance, she interpreted rebel, evil, temperamental and cruel women. She was a whirlwind in real life, too; sarcastic, arrogant, strong. Bette Davis fervently hated Joan Crawford, her archenemy: “I wouldn’t piss on her if she was on fire,” she said of her after the hellish shooting of What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? She worked again with Robert Aldrich in Lullaby for a dead body. Famous actresses refused to be casted with her on account of her bitter character and bad mood. In this movie, an old Bette Davis plays one of the most frightening roles of her career along with the role of Baby Jane. Davis, an old fool, perversely evil, a personified nightmare… You hate her, you fear her, you admire her and you love her… Just because of her evil eyes.

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