Awwz in California

Photographer: Limo Cayoux

After a year of non stop, Awwz took advantage of the trip in wich she went to meet with her new agency in LA and decided to make a pit stop to her madness of life. The photos below take us to the places she visited in California during her road trip through the United States. Deserts, road, and an apotheosis final for this electronic music producer that in 2016 has played in Sónar, Boiler Room Mexico, Reina Sofia Museum or Mario Testino Museum among others.

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awwz-kling1Death Valley –  Sleeping in a motorhomeloca_us-kling1awwz-kling2Death Valley – Artist Paletteloca_us-kling2awwz-kling3Death Valley – Bad Water
awwz-kling4On the road – Searching for UFO’s
awwz-kling5ZZYXZ – Abandoned motel in Mojave National Park


ZZYXZ – Hot Springs in abandoned motel, Mojave National Park


Mojave National park dunes

awwz-kling8 awwz-kling9

Palm Springs mood


Ace hotel – Palm Springs