Arvida Bystrom for Kling #issue7

Interview by Iria Dominguez
Photo by Pablo Mingo

MUA & Hair: Gato (Maybelline NY)
Styling: Adrián González y Alba “Piu” Rey

Arvida Bystrom is, together with Alison Bones, one of the stars of Kling’s Autumn 2014 Collection. We had a little talk with her about art, friends and stuff she loves.

How do you work? What’s your creative process?
So differently. My best projects are the ones that I think about for years and then finally make something out of. Then there are a million shoots I do cuz (because) they’re commissioned.

What in your life inspires you the most? Tell us a little bit about your aesthetic universe 🙂
Internet, Instagram, Tumblr, friends, music, lost loves, sadness, and anxiety.

IMG_2494 cmyk

Do you remember your first art piece? When did you realise you where an artist?
(LOL) This is qt (cute). No, I’ve made (and I think most ppl (people) have) art since when I was a kid. I wanted to be an artist when I was 7. Then I just started to call myself an artist when I was about 19 and ppl just seem to get on with it. I think everyone can call themselves artists so idk (I don’t know).

Your art is full of activism; your body is an art weapon against stereotypes and roles, what is art for you?
Art is whatever people want to be art. Culture has to change, that’s how it’s doing its thing. Idk about my body, my body is rather normative. But I look forward to growing old.

Who are your favourite artists of all time?
Hmm. I love all my peers like Illuminati Girl Gang, The Coven, The Ardorous, Nafisa Kap, Beth Siveyer, Grace Miceli, Maja Malou Lyse, Black Salt Collective, JUCK, etc. That’s how I get excited.

IMG_2806 cmyk pantallazo 2

Last piece you saw you loved the most and why? And which is your own piece you love the most?
Omg, this is so hard. Sadly enough I’ve been a bit absent from art this summer. Usually when I’m about to curate an exhibition or alike I get more into it. But I love the performance/dance/ movement JUCK, who is working with challenging the idea of gender and sexuality.

How did you start working with the agency? How do you feel when you work as a model?
We got in touch with each other kind of. It’s fine working as a model. Sometimes I meet amazing ppl; sometimes it’s just kind of long, boring days. But I’m fine with it, it’s rather easy. And Lucy and Pandora on Anti are really sweet and never ask us to change which is great. Maybe they’re a bit messy sometimes (LOL), but I know loads of agencies are anyways.

What do you love to do the most? I mean creating stuff
ldk! It depends on the situation. I’m pretty bored with photography atm (at the moment).

pantallazo 1

You are from Sweden, but you live in London? What do you miss about Sweden when you are in London, and what about London when you are in Sweden?
I actually live in both places atm. Sweden is more feminist, I have loads of queer friends and I get to work with really awesome ppl in Sweden. London is London. Big and hard to get hold of. But I’ll probably stay for a little longer.

When you are not on the Internet, what do you love to do?
Friends, music atm.

Your friends are artists too; can you talk about them and how you met?
Internet mostly. But idk, I have loads of friends, it’s so hard to know where to start. I usually get in touch with ppl I think make awesome things, and then we become friends.

pantallazo 4