‘Another Summer’, by Katie Borrazzo

Photographer: Katie Borrazzo
Model: Alyssa Smith

Katie Borrazzo is a fashion photographer based in Cambridge, Massachusetts.
For these series, she was inspired by the nostalgia which shooting on film always inspires her. For her, the process of capturing on film the unique moments which punctuate everyday life takes on a new significance.
“Film photography forces us to slow down, take more time to pick each shot, and then wait for longer to see the final creation”, she said. In these photos, her friend Alyssa showed Katie her favorite photographing locations, a set of shops which evoked a 70s-themed, nostalgic vibe. “This series represents an escape – a glimpse of another world that exists simultaneously alongside our present-day experience.”

You can see more of Katie’s work at her website and her Instagram.

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