‘Another Earth’, by Elise Dantec

Photographer: Elise Dantec
ali @ Folio Montreal
Stylist: Emilie Nadon
Make up & Hair: Vanessa Yang
Clothing: Zara, Mokuyobi (patch), Converse, Topshop, VINCA usa (jewellery), The Mountain, Mean Folk, and vintage.

Elise Dantec is a French photographer based in Montreal, Canada. She loves to create visual stories inspired by youth, boredom and diferent perspectives, playing with colours and pop culture references.

This story with a Stranger Things vibe was actually inspired by other pop culture references including movies like Signs. This a about a cool kid obsessed by everything from the outer space, going on an aliens/UFO hunt.

You can see more of Elise Dantec’s work at elisedantec.com

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