Alba Blázquez #issue9

Interview by Diana Cubo

Tell us something about yourself.
I’m Alba, an illustrator and a photographer from Madrid (and other uninteresting stuff I’m going to skip).

You work both in the field of photography and illustration, when did you start to feel interested in these two worlds?
Photography came to me when I was a teenager. I used to skive off school a lot and spend the morning home. I was addicted to my photoblog and I would take photos of everything with a compact camera. I would also take a lot of photos of myself, because there was no one else around, and use Photoshop to retouch them. Then I decided to study audiovisual communications, because I didn’t have any secondary studies by then. There I learned how to use a reflex camera, lighten and retouch, and took an interest in knowing the work of photographers from around the world.
As for illustration, I remember one particular moment when I was older when I saw a picture book named Dark Inspiration. I fell in love with it and started to get more serious about drawing, but since I remember I’ve been fond of comics and cartoons, like everybody else. I’ve always had fun drawing and creating my own stories, which is a lifelong hobby that now has professional opportunities.



Currently, in what field do you find it easier to work?
It depends. Lately, the photography work I’ve done has all been very “automatic” and I haven’t enjoyed myself. So I guess in illustration. But when it comes to a photo shoot where I have total freedom, I feel very comfortable in both.

What do you like most about your job?
What I like most is enjoying myself. I don’t think about anything else and I can express things that otherwise I may have censored.

Who or what inspires you?
Many and very different things. Maybe a box of Krispies, I don’t know, a century-old painting. I like to be surprised by the stimuli around me, so I love to walk around my neighbourhood, travel and do different things whenever I can.

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What artists do you follow?
I follow Wurstbande, Simon Hanselmann, Tom Wesselmann, Mark Whalen, Ryan Heshka, Aleksandra Waliszewska, Robert Deutsch, among others.

Are you interested in the world of comics? Have you ever thought of venturing into it?
Yes, I’m quite interested in the world of comics, in fact when I was little whenever I had a strange dream or I could come up with a fantastic story or whatever, I would do it in comic format. I have stories and sketches of at least two small vignettes, but the truth is that for lack of organisation and other things I haven’t developed three-vignette stories yet. If I spend full time illustrating , I won’t stop creating all the absurd stories that go through my head.

What projects do you have in mind for the near future?
I will self-publish a second booklet of illustrations, which we’ll see on clothing. Also, I have some projects in mind that I hope will see the light!