‘ABRA’, the new Abrahamsson collection, is the winner of the 6th edition of the Samsung Ego Innovation Project. It was presented today at the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Madrid.


ABRA was created using the patterns of a performance developed at La Juan Gallery, with Aaliyah Rosales, the collection’s muse, as the protagonist. The result was the creation of a series of looks, of which the best ten ones were selected for the collection. The clothes are made with natural and technical fabrics such as silk, denim and Egyptian cotton. Highlights include the denim legging boots and the orange silk wedding dress tailored for Rosales.


A collab between Abrahamsson and digital artist Claudia Maté, who designed 3D avatars of Aaliyah Rosales wearing the collection’s looks, the fashion show featured the project’s truly technological side. Avatars were holograms created by Paraddax Lab and gave the show a new dimension and played an important a role as that of real-life models. ‘ABRA’ proposes a reflection between our real identity and the virtual one that we project through the digital world.


Abrahamsson was founded in 2010 by Paty Abrahamsson, who was in charge of everything, from the design, production and quality control to distribution and communication. Alfredo Santamaría joined Paty in 2014. The brand has so far launched five collections. Both national and international celebrities have been seen wearing Abrahamsson’s clothes including Lilly Allen, Najwa Nimri and model Ashley Smith.


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