Papa Topo present their first LP: Ópalo Negro

Interview: Zazi White
Photos: Helena Exquis

Papa Topo’s first LP Ópalo Negro was released a few weeks ago. Learn more about it in this interview we made to the topos <3

We know the band has had some ups and downs. When was the current lineup created? How did it come about?
Since Adrià created Papa Topo we have had several lineups, but the current one is the most stable so far. We’ve been together for four years and we love each other to pieces! When Paulita left the band, Adrià looked for like-minded musicians, both musically and personally, and since that moment we’ve remained the same.

Your album shows some maturity; even Adrià’s voice has changed! We know you have quite varied tastes and it sounds very 80s. What are the main influences on Ópalo Negro?
We’ve been together as a band for 8 years and we’ve grown up. We’re also studying music and we spend all day long listening to all kind of music, and that influences what Adrià writes. Some of the influences on this album are copla, disco music, punk pop, romantic lied, the new wave… We like the fact that the album is so varied because our playlists are varied, too.


There’s less pop and more distance between the Papa Topo of “Oso Panda y el helado”. What do your lyrics talk about? Would you say this is a sadder album?
From our first demos our songs were a bit bittersweet. On the one hand they’re pop songs with chorus and melodies easy to remember, but, on the other, both in the music and in the lyrics, there’s also a touch of melancholy, sadness and darkness. Even “Oso Panda”, although it sounds happy, is about a bear that has lost a friend in a rainforest and is dying under the rain.

What are you favourite songs on the album?
We love all of them! We change our favourite song every week depending on our emotional state. Right now it’d be:
Adrià: “Òpalo Negro”
Júlia: “Akelarre en mi salón”
Sònia: “Quédate cerca de mí”
Òscar: “Davall ses flors des taronger”

What was the album’s presentation show like?
It was crazy and a lot of fun! There were many people and we delivered a show full of surprises. For example, Sonia emerged from a sarcophagus wearing a crocodile mask.

Describe Ópalo Negro in a single sentence.
A varied, eccentric and complex album can’t be described in one sentence, so you’d better go get the album and ice cream!

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Will you go on a presentation tour? What are you plans for the future?
Yes! In fact we’re right now on our way to Andalucía. After the summer we have several concerts, among them the presentation concert in Madrid, which we are really looking forward to. In September there’s the shooting of “La maldita primavera”, Marc Ferrer’s second film, which is inspired by our song “Je Suis In Monstre”. We and our friends will star in the film. Next year we’d love to go to Mexico and record a new album!

And now you can add whatever you want…
We’d love to open for La Oreja de Van Gogh. If there’s someone who can put us in contact with them we’d very much appreciate it 🙂

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