❤ Claire Milbrath ❤

Could you introduce yourself?
I’m a painter and photographer, and also I run Editorial Magazine

What are your favorite things? Friendship, kissing, making stuff.

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And what inspires you? Other people.

When did you start drawing? When I was really small.
I didn’t start drawing “Poor Gray” til about 5 years ago though.

How would you describe your illustrations? Naive, childlike, homoerotic.



You are working on a new comic, can you tell us about it? I’m actually working on a Valentine’s Day comic for Vice Magazine. It’s going to follow a gay couple buying eachother gifts. I’m using my new set of feltpens that my sister gave me.

Youre also a cool photographer!! Which are your favorite subjects?
Thanks! I love to shoot nature, but anything with a nice ray of sunlight on it will do.

Which other photographers do you like?
Hmm.. Right now I like Brad McMurray and Michel Sadowski.



I saw on your Tumblr some Mac DeMarco pics, I’m a huge fan! Can you recommend us other bands that are you listening to?
I’ve been listening to Moodhut a lot lately, that’s a Vancouver- based label that makes dance/house mixes. If you’re looking for something more like Mac, I love Eola.

I love your magazine! The Editorial Magazine. When did you start it and why?
Thank you! I started the magazine about 2 years ago. There was a lot of art happening in Montreal. My friends and I

were producing a lot, and there was nowhere really to have it published so I figured I should start a publication for our work.

Which other magazines do you read? I don’t read any.. I hardly read my own.



Do you love fashion? Which fashion designers are your favorites and why?
I usually wear the same thing everyday so I wouldn’t say I love fashion. I do love Gosha Rubchinskiy’s new line, need to own one of those sweatsuits. I like a couple Montreal-based designers; VEJAS and Josh Reim are making excellent things.

What is art for you?
Something that is nice to look at.

What do you love to do in your free time? I like to paint and lay around in bed.

What is your obsession right now? Romance.